May 17

Excelsior Farms Receives Recognition

Excelsior Farms Inc. is an Innovative and modern swine breeder farm committed to the advancement of the Philippine swine industry with its high health farm located in the south west of Cebu Province.
Headed by dynamic individuals, Mr. Alvin Hing and Mr. Paul Holaysan, who are both dedicated to producing superior quality food for the Filipino people, the company is strengthened by its core values Spirituality, Working Together, Integrity and Excellence.
Excelsior Farms, Inc. was recently recognized as an Accredited Swine Breeding Farm under the Swine Breeder Accreditation Program (SBFAP) by the Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Animal Industry last March 14, 2017 during its 87th anniversary of the Bureau of Animal Industry.
Because of its commitment to be the Philippine’s premier swine farm they have partnered with the leading players in the swine industry;
PIC Philippines, Inc., an international leader in superior swine genetic.

Big Dutchman Agriculture Philippines Inc., the leading worldwide supplier of modern and high quality equipment in the livestock industry.

Cargill Philippines Inc., the world’s largest and leading expert in high quality feeds.
With the continued growth of the swine industry, the synergy of these top players assures the Filipino families of continued supply of healthy food.